LalDin Consulting is owned and operated by Myra L. B. She assesses individual projects and brings on a team of ivy league level experts as needed - with the promise of always delivering top rate solutions.


  LoadingMyra's deep insight and passion for people and organizational culture is inspired by extensive personal and professional experience in inter and cross - cultural strategy and leadership areas; including cultural competency skill integration, cross - cultural communications, strategic diversity & inclusion, and bias. 

 Attending international schools and college with kids from all over the globe shaped Myra’s worldview and understanding of people, developing her emotional intelligence and ability to work and communicate effectively across a range of diverse ethnic, cultural, generational, and socioeconomic groups. 


On completeing her masters, Myra spent a year as a teaching and research fellow at Harvard University, where her area of  focus was Inclusion, Belonging, & Cognitive Psychology.  She continues consulting for organizations across the US, with a focus on the East Coast, applying her expertise in the area of organizational development of cultural competencies and inclusion strategy, multicultural education, and identifying and addressing implicit bias. Partnering with her colleagues she works with a wide range of organizations from blue collar manufacturing, to D.C. professionals, corporate, to healthcare, non - profits, social movements, and also works with school leadership on diversity in education. 

Myra has long been committed to the education and empowerment of young people. She served as the Head of  HR Operations for Our Golden Hour, a non-profit dedicated to the protection and promotion of minority languages and cultures. She also works as a Youth Coordinator to raise awareness of various racial/social justice issues and organizes events for high school seniors to take ownership in their community’s development. 

Myra will be moving with her husband to live in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she will continue her independent consulting practice.

She speaks multiple languages, including Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, conversational Thai, and is in the process of learning Spanish.

Myra holds a Master’s degree (MBE) from Harvard University and a Bachelor's (BBA) from Payap University in International (cross-cultural) Business Management.