VECTRE is majority owned and operated by Myra L. B. She assesses individual projects with VECTRE's team of expert VR developers - with the promise of always delivering top rate solutions.


Myra is the Managing Partner at VECTRE, and has the macro overview of the business, while also working with the development team as the Product Owner for UX.

VECTRE is a XR development company, focusing on working in enterprise.

VECTRE has worked with Fortune 50 companies, city-wide initiatives in Cincinnati, branding & design agencies, training companies etc. If you are looking to dive into the future of training, marketing product dev, or any other VR development, connect with us to learn more about what VR can do to further your goals and mission.

Myra is passionate about supporting people in their journeys to continuously grow and understand the world through storytelling and new perspectives.

Myra believes in the power of stories to trigger emotions and make people think about what they really value. Not just in management, she thinks creatively towards a solution to improve strategic business performance through XR. 

Myra's deep insight and passion for people and organizational culture is inspired by extensive personal and professional experience in management, cognitive sciene, and cross-cultural strategy.
Attending international schools and college with kids from all over the globe shaped Myra’s worldview and understanding of people, developing her emotional intelligence and ability to work and communicate effectively across a range of diverse ethnic, cultural, generational, and socioeconomic groups. 

Myra's background is in business and Cognitive Psychology. On completing her masters, Myra spent a year as a teaching and research fellow at Harvard University, where her area of  focus was  Learning and Cognitive Psychology.  


Feel free to reach out for a demonstration or to see how VR could benefit your company!