LeadershipParth Naik

Parth is VECTRE’s lead programmer. He grew up in India, but moved to the states to explore his passions in Game Design. Parth is always eager to work hard to bring his stories to life, but is no stranger to relaxation. During his time off Parth loves travel, and has been to 14 different countries.

Parth has a background in Computer Science. But, inspired by his love for games, he went back to school to explore his passion from a game design and programming side. He was excited about the new immersive qualities of Virtual Reality, and how they can be used to experience stories in a brand new way.


Parth received his masters from UCSC with a Masters of Science in Games and Playable Media.



MayaMichael Ballentine 

Michael is the Lead Interaction Design at VECTRE, and has been working in the field of VR for over 4 years. 

Michael is the backbone of VECTRE, and is the reason the team came together. He comes from a background of game design, technical art, and animation.
As Lead Interaction Design, Michael has to be detail-oriented and understand how the user will interact with the world’s we create to make VECTRE’s experiences as real as possible. His favorite aspect of creation is to add the little animations and details we call “the fire” that attempts to trick the end user into believing they have transcended into another reality.

Michael has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Animation from Full Sail University in sunny Orlando, Florida.




PolicyMickey Stewart

Mickey (named after the mouse) plays the role of lead artist at VECTRE. He is passionate about telling stories through design, making him ideal for crafting models and environments in VECTRE’s immersive scenarios. His job is to create narratives in the details of our programs, and his interest in storytelling shows in the work he has completed for VECTRE. 

This drive to tell stories doesn’t stop within VECTRE, Mickey enjoys bringing his character models to life by 3D printing them, shooting travel videos and making short films.

He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology.


megan Megan Ward

Megan is a fourth year Fine Arts student at the University of Cincinnati in the Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning program (DAAP), and her passion for gaming and storytelling is what brought her to VECTRE. 

Megan is VECTRE's design intern and works on curating social media, print media to send to clients, and website design. 


ANNABELAnnabel Biernat

Annabel is a third year Fine Arts student at the University of Cincinnati in the Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning program (DAAP). 

She has passion for writing and works as our Communications Intern, working in sales, blog and website content, and proposal and grant writing. 


ALEXAlex Chun

Alex is a fifth year student at The University of Cincinnati’s school of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP).

As digital design intern, Alex developed some new designs for VECTRE's brand.

When not engrossed in the creative space you can find Alex practicing one of the five instruments he plays, taking a long run, or reading.


filFilimon Araya

As operational intern, Fil is discovered new entrepreneurship skills in a startup business setting.

Fil enjoys going on outdoor adventures, like climbing mountains on the weekend. He loves to teach and play sports in his spare time. Fil has also lived in 7 different countries