ANYTHING FACTORYThe Anything Factory is a virtual factory and showroom of GE’s new 3D-printers. The printers were modeled to their exact size and build (right down to the logo) to give customers a sense of what they looked like without having to transport the massive machines (sometimes the size of a school bus!). The showroom of each individual part allowed those interested to see what each machine could print.

To allow customers to visualize what these printers will look like in existing spaces, VECTRE created a factory builder that allows customers to arrange their factories with the 3D printers inside.

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P&G PROTOTYPINGPrototyping is crucial to visualizing designs and testing how they’ll interact within the environments of the client or end consumer. However, prototyping often ends up a lengthy and costly endeavor for most companies.

A hyper-realistic virtual store environment allows you to encounter your unreleased product designs as a customer would, and allows you to see how your prototyped designs look on the shelf next to your competitors’. The program is detailed enough that you can pick up and observe individual products, fully immersing you in the consumer experience.

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COPIER TRAININGA good way to warm people up for VR, this copier training is a basic program that shows users how to operate in VR with a very simple task; making copies.

This simulation shows the diversity of what how we can tailor our trainings to the clients needs. Training does not have to be limited to dangerous jobs, but can also mimic other trainings that go on. Things like sales, leadership, troubleshooting, etc. can all be replicated through VR.

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SAFETY TRAININGUsing VR to train allows us to simulate hazardous environments while cutting down costs and potential physical dangers. This also allows for on-demand training without needing to travel to or create a space to train in. The Confined Space demo is a gamified VR experience that allows trainees to go through the experience of going into a space where you have to monitor your oxygen and fit into a cramped space, all in a limited amount of time. The simulation takes you through what you would experience without the risk of doing this for the first time on-the-job.

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MARKETINGMarketing relies on pulling the attention of customers and creating engagement with your product. Companies using VR for marketing are bringing fun and interactive experiences directly to customers. VR is portable, and using it in an expo booth virtually expands your space to however large you need. 

Bringing VR into marketing gives your customers an exciting experience that they will associate with your brand, creating strong customer bonds. 62% of consumers say they would feel more engaged and excited by a brand that sponsors VR experiences.

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ARCHITECTURE VISUALIZATIONWe created this museum rendering for the Emersion Architecture Firm to show Cincinnati Museum a remodel to scale for their space. 

The client can walk around and teleport to experience the space, feel the emotions that come with the space, even seeing how light enters the room at different times, This allows full immersion before it has even been built. This is a powerful tool for commercial spaces to pitch a redesign. 

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