November 7: “Mapping out a better society with focus on inclusion, environment”, Interview with Liz Mineo, The Harvard Gazette.

October 24: “Is Your DEI Progress Undermined by Attention Inequality?”, Harvard Business Review, with Sheen S. Levine and David Stark.

September 8-9: Global launch of the 2021/22 Human Development Report, United Nations Development Programme.

March 30-31: Honorary Doctorate Ceremony and Events, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. Shortened video.



December. How to Heal a Divided WorldTEDWomen Conference 2021, Palm Springs, CA.

November. Breaking the Wall to Universal Dignity (Falling Walls Science Summit Talk).

November. Falling Walls Breakthrough Conversation with Michèle Lamont — Interview with Adam Levy, Falling Walls Science Summit.

March. Michèle Lamont on Stigma (podcast interview with SAGE Social Science Bites).

February. New Engines of Hope after the American Dream: Finding Recognition in the New Gilded Age. Inequality & Social Policy Seminar, Harvard University.



October. The New Physics of Inequality: Compounding Advantage for the Rich and Accelerationg Disadvantage for the Bottom 60 Percent (blog article by Derek Robey)

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June. Culture Shift: Q&A with Sociologist Michèle Lamont (Interview with CIFAR)

May. Michèle Lamont on Building Big Ideas (Podcast with Cody Kommers)

January. Inequality in the US and Europe (with Michèle Lamont, Peter A. Hall, and Paul Pierson). (Podcast with Kathleen Molony)



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January. Michèle Lamont on The Sociology of Inequality. (Interview by Eve Gerber, Five Books).

January. Middle-Class Shame Will Decide Where America Is Headed (Blog article on



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November. Trump ist in einigen Dingen genial. (Interview in Der Standard Newspaper, Vienna).

October. From ‘having’ to ‘being’: self worth and the current crisis of American society (Public lecture at the London School of Economics)

February. Trump's Language, Unseemly to Critics, Reassures his Base (Article in Harvard Gazette)



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November. What Trump’s Campaign Speeches Show About His Lasting Appeal to the White Working Class (Article with Bo Yun Park and Elena Ayala-Hurtado in Harvard Business Review)

November. The Big Picture: Social Solidarity (Article in Public Books)

October. Is There an Evaluative Turn in SSH? (Debate (video) in the science.knowledge.[e]valuation workshop, University of Warwick)

September. Addressing the Recognition Gap: Destigmatization Strategies and the Production of Inequality (Lecture (audio) at the Center for the Study of Europe, Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University)

September. Looking Back on Ten Years of Collaboration and Respect (Article with Graziella Moraes Silva and Elisa Reis in ReVista)

August. ASA Presidential Address (Address (video), American Sociological Association)

August. La solidarité sociale en péril: les États-Unis, une «Bully Nation»? (Article in Le Devoir)

August. Culture, inégalités, inclusion sociale: Entrevue avec Michèle Lamont, sociologue (Interview (audio) with Radio Canada)

July. The US Administration's Clampdown on Facts, Research and Knowledge Provides Great Opportunity for Canada to Lead (Article in Policy Options)

June. Trois questions à Michèle Lamont (Interview with Université de Bordeaux)

March. Getting Respect: Responding to Stigma and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil and Israel (Lecture (audio), The International Inequalities Institute, London School of Economics)

March. Addressing the Recognition Gap: Destigmatization Processes and the Making of Inequality (Lecture (audio), London School of Economics)

February. In Europe, Nationalism Rising (Article in Harvard Gazette)

February. Erasmus Prize 2017 Awarded to Michèle Lamont (Article on Praemium Erasmianum Foundation website)

February. Getting Respect (Lecture (video), Open Society Foundations)

January. Presentation of Michèle Lamont for doctorate honoris causa (Presentation (video), University of Amsterdam)

January. Getting Respect (Vilhelm Aubert Memorial Lecture (audio), University of Oslo)



December. The Everyday Response to Racism (Interview in Harvard Gazette)

December. Getting Respect (Keynote Address (audio), The Australian Sociological Association Conference)

November. Consiguiendo Respeto (Keynote Address (video), COES-LSE Conference on "Inequalities" or "Desigualdades")

October. Sociology Professor Explores Racial Identities in New Book (Article in The Harvard Crimson)

October. Author Michele Lamont Discusses #GettingRespect on #ConversationsLIVE (Interview (audio) by "Conversations LIVE!" with Cyrus Webb)

October. Cross-National Responses to Discrimination: A Q&A with Michèle Lamont (Interview in Epicenter, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs) 

October. Michèle Lamont: A Portrait of a Capacious Sociologist (Interview by Nasar Meer in Sociology)

July-August. What Makes Teams Tick: Emotional Connections Key to Successful Cross-Disciplinary Research (Article in Harvard Magazine)

May. European Data Suggests the Gig Economy Helped Create Trump, Sanders (Article in The Conversation)

Spring. "Sociologue Engagée": A Contribution to a Debate on "Can Comparative Historical Sociology Save the World?" (Opinion piece in ASA Comparative and Historical Sociology Section Newsletter)

March. Neoliberal Policy Implementation Goes Hand in Hand with Stronger Symbolic Boundaries (Blog post in Epicenter, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs)



December. New Paper Argues for a Bigger Focus on the Social Facors that Can Make or Break Interdisciplinary Teams in the Social, ... (Interview in Inside Higher Ed)

November. Q&A with Michèle Lamont, ASA President-Elect (Interview in ASA Culture Section)

November. Talk on "Getting Respect" at Harvard Graduate School of Education Doctoral Interdisciplinary Colloquium (

September. "Interview with Michèle Lamont (Harvard University)" (Interview by Damian Omar Martinez, Max Plank Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity)

June. Sociologist Michèle Lamont” (Interview (video) in ScienceLives, National Science Foundation)



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October. French Scientists Get On Their Bikes For Research. (

June. Review of Social Resilience in the Neoliberal Era.  (Revue francaise de science politique)

June. Wir dürfen Menschen nicht nur nach Leistung beurteilen. (

June. Die Ungleichheit wächst. (

May. In Conversation with...Michèle Lamont (Interview in Centerpiece, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs)

May. Is Neoliberalism a Threat to Civil Rights? (with Joseph Guay) (

January. Groupness and the Fight for Respect: Responses to Stigmatization among African-Americans, Black Brazilians, Ethiopian Jews, Mizrachis, and Arab Israelis (Lecture (video), University of Ottawa)



November. Une remarquable stratégie. (

November. La résilience sociale en perspectives. (

September. Book Review: Responses to Stigmatization in Comparative Perspective. (

September. Confrontation Vs Conflict Avoidance: How Minorities Across International Borders Deal with Racism. (

July. Do-it-yourself ideology takes hold: Goar. New book examines the emerging concept of social resilience. (

June. Program directors Michèle Lamont and Peter Hall discuss the new book Social Resilience in the Neoliberal Era. (CiFar Knowledge Circle, Issue No. 7)



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March. "Responses to Discrimination: Michèle Lamont"  ASEN Conference on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries. London, England. 

2012.  "Les frontières intérieures de l'Amérique d'Obama” Ce débat entre Daniel Sabbagh, directeur de recherche au CERI/Sciences po, et Michèle Lamont, professeur d’études européennes, de sociologie et d’études américaines et africaines à Harvard University, est animé par Nadège Ragaru, chargée de recherche au CERI. (

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July. "Culture et pavureté: perspectives transatlantiques" Debate with Michèle Lamont and Hugues Lagrange.

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May. "Culture of Poverty and Social Resilience" By Nicolas Duvoux, Nadège Vezinat, & Elise Tenret. (www.books&

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