Langer E. Mindfulness. Reading: Da Capo Books; 1990.


Translated into thirteen languages. “Stretches our minds in startling new directions.” — Howard Gardner ... “Ellen Langer has succeeded in writing a book that, in one bite, manages to be scientifically interesting, immensely practical, and dramatically absorbing. It is about the mindsets that lead human beings—even the smartest of them—to become stupid and ‘mindless.’ Its power as drama in demonstrating that mindlessness leads not only to the banality of dullness, but to a giving up of life itself. In a series of fascinating research studies, Dr. Langer demonstrates that the young can be made more creative, the man in charge made more effective, and the elderly kept from giving in to and dying of their age.”
 — Jerome Bruner, author of Actual Minds, Possible Worlds ... “One simply can’t finish this book and not see the world in the same way.”
 — Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School ... “A landmark work of social psychology.”
 — Booklist ... “Langer. . . .has shown us the power of mindfulness.”
 — Psychology Today


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