Curriculum Vitae

I am an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah (USA) since August 2022. 

I was previously a Fellow of the Radboud Excellence Initiative at Radboud University, Nijmegen (The Netherlands), a postdoc at the University of Bath, and a Jansky Fellow of the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory at the University of California, Berkeley from 2015 - 2018. I completed my PhD in Astronomy from Harvard University, where I studied the progenitors and environments of long-duration gamma-ray bursts. 

I received my undergraduate degree in Physics from St. Stephen's College at the University of Delhi, India in 2007. From 2007 to 2009, I studied Parts II and III in Physics at Trinity College,University of Cambridge. At Trinity, I held the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust Cambridge Scholarship, which is a fellowship given to one undergraduate from India every year. I received my Masters in Astronomy from Harvard in 2011.

I am an amateur astronomer and love looking up at the night sky. I built a 6" Newtonian reflecting telescope to explore the wonders of the celestial sphere. I also designed and built a 20 MHz radio receiver for observing radio bursts from Jupiter and the Galaxy, based on NASA's Radio-Jove concept.

Besides astronomy, I love reading, writing, poetry, ballroom dance, and music. When I'm not working, I can be found long-distance mentoring my SF Bay area-based chamber choir Tactus, or writing Renaissance polyphony.

Selected Awards & Honors

Year Award Institution
2021 Excellence Fellowship
Multi-year postdoctoral fellowship
Radboud University
2020 Outstanding Contribution Award
For staff who "demonstrate sustained exceptional performance"
University of Bath
2020 Peter Troughton Prize
Awarded to a postdoctoral member of research staff for outstanding performance
University of Bath
2019 Staff Recognizing Excellence Award
For staff who have "demonstrated outstanding achievement or excellence over the previous academic year, which has been of such a high standard that it has made a significant difference to students, colleagues, the department, or the University as a whole."
University of Bath
2019 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Delegate
Representing the University of Bath and the UK Royal Society at the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
Bath / Royal Astronomical Society
2015 Jansky Fellowship
Three-year postdoctoral fellowship, held at the University of California, Berkeley
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
2015 Commencement Marshall
One of "eight outstanding students [across all Harvard Phd programs] selected as 2015 marshals by a committee of the Graduate Student Council. Awarded to students who have contributed meaningfully to student life."
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University
2013 Merit Fellowship Harvard University
2012 Student Observing Support Award
In support of doctoral dissertations associated with high-ranking observing programs at NRAO (approximately 2-3 awarded per year)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
2009 Merrill Fellowship Harvard University
2007 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust Scholarship
Awarded to one student from India to study for an affiliate undergraduate degree at Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Trinity College, University of Cambridge