The Summer Seasonals present

Journeys and Transformations
Motets of Guerrero, Palestrina, de Wert, Rore, and others.
Join us for our final concert of our fourth season, as we take you on a journey
through mountain roads by the soft light of the August moon to grassy shores
dotted with fiery aspens in bloom. Come with us on our adventures by sea
through calm and storm, past vociferous volcanoes and craggy castles,
and explore bustling spice-laden markets and freshly-bloomed gardens.
As our paths take us far abroad, join us in songs of deep longing and fond
remembrance for those we leave behind; until such time as we return once more,
for more adventures are yet in store!
Wednesday, August 26, 7.30 PM
Memorial Church, 1 Harvard Yard
Cambridge, MA - 02138, USA
Palestrina / Surge amica mea
Guerrero / Trahe me post te
Anonymous / Ay luna que re luces
Rore / Descendi in hortum meum
Laskar / Glades of Grace
de Wert / Ascendente Jesu


Rore / Quae est ista
Vasquez / De los alamos
Gibbons / Cries of London
Weelkes / Thule, the period of cosmography
Palestrina / Dilectus meus
Guerrero / Surge, propera amica mea
About the choir
The Summer Seasonals are a mixed-voice community chamber choir, based in Cambridge, Massachussetts.
Our mission: to build community through music, while striving for the highest degree of artistic excellence.
Now in our fourth season, we bring together experienced professionals and advanced amateurs from across
Boston and Cambridge in a musical meltic pot for three months. Our final concert is a culmination of a
summer of exchanging ideas and forging musical bonds. On August 26, we will take you on a magical
journey from the mountains to the seas, and from the corporal to the fanciful.