Biography (Music)

My musical experience includes the Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus and the Harvard Glee Club, and as a chorister and Choral Fellow at Harvard's Memorial Church.

Choral Conducting
I have directed student and community chamber choirs for the past ten years and have founded several Renaissance chamber choirs:
  • Tactus (SF), meeting weekly at St Matthew's Lutheran Church, San Francisco, CA [current & founding director: Tanmoy Laskar]
  • Tactus Ensemble, meeting during term-time at the Memorial Church, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA [current directors: Maxime Rischard and David Hughes]
  • The Summer Seasonals, meeting during the Summers at the Harvard College Observatory and Memorial Church, Cambridge, MA [dormant]

I am also an active choral composer, writing in the Classical and Renaissance styles. PDF scores of compositions are available on my Compositions page.