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The Harvard Dance Project Presents Interdisciplinary Answer to “What Moves You”

Harvard Dance Project "What Moves You"

By EMILY ZHAO  | April 19, 2016  |  The Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Dance Project’s “What Moves You,” a collaboration between choreographers Jill Johnson, Francesca Harper, and Mario Zambrano, incorporated writing, sound, and the experiences of its dancers into its creation and performance. Highly interdisciplinary and introspective, the production ran in Farkas Hall from April 14-17.

"The Fibers of Sound" - Boys & Girls Club - Center for a New Generation at Connally Elementary

Center for New Generation-75 Blue Doors

March 16, 2013

La’Toya Princess Jackson is a dance instructor at the Center for a New Generation at Connolly Elementary.  She believes the best part of her job is exposing children in the inner city to the beauty and technique of dance, particularly ballet, but also modern and jazz.  As a result, she has the opportunity to help them develop new skills and discover their talents, and provide them with self-confidence and an introduction to healthy living habits.

Ballet boosts confidence, teaches healthy choices to budding dancers


June 25, 2015 

Growing up, La’Toya Jackson had always dreamed of being a dancer. In fact, watching legendary entertainer Janet Jackson inspired her to learn as much as possible about the craft. But it was the lack of programs in her southwest Atlanta neighborhood that compelled her to teach girls the foundation of dance, even introducing many to ballet through a program she is now offering at Woolfolk Boys & Girls Club.