The Harvard Dance Project Presents Interdisciplinary Answer to “What Moves You”

Harvard Dance Project "What Moves You"

By EMILY ZHAO  | April 19, 2016  |  The Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Dance Project’s “What Moves You,” a collaboration between choreographers Jill Johnson, Francesca Harper, and Mario Zambrano, incorporated writing, sound, and the experiences of its dancers into its creation and performance. Highly interdisciplinary and introspective, the production ran in Farkas Hall from April 14-17.

Jill E. Johnson, who serves as Harvard’s director of dance and senior lecturer in the Department of Music and Theater, Dance, and Media, traces the original inspiration for the show to a reflection upon larger cultural movements. “We were thinking a lot about what was happening in the greater culture—issues of discrimination, cultural identity, how that touched on dance and environments that we’d been in, and in particular how those things are affecting students,” she says. “We weren’t sure where that was going to lead.… We wanted to make sure there was enough time to really talk through things that people were thinking about, and so we kept coming back to the question that seemed to be particularly rich terrain for us, which is: What moves you?”

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