La'Toya Princess Jackson and Niki Lanter. 3/23/2017. “Masquerade Ball puts One Harvard up front.” Harvard Gazette. Publisher's Version Abstract

With more than 900 in attendance, the Masquerade Ball reinforced Harvard Graduate Council’s mission of One Harvard, bringing together students from the 12 graduate and professional Schools, as well as College students from across campus.

La'Toya Princess Jackson and Shiv (Sam) Sharma. 3/3/2017. “Lectures That Last offers clear message.” Harvard Gazette. Publisher's Version Abstract

The Harvard Graduate Council brought faculty from each of Harvard’s graduate Schools together for one of its Lectures That Last to discuss the question: “What key life lessons/personal values would you teach your students if you knew this was your last lecture at Harvard?”

La'Toya Princess Jackson. 12/1/2016. “Giving women the edge.” Harvard Gazette.
La'Toya Princess Jackson. 11/28/2016. “Graduate student seating at ‘The Game’.” Harvard Gazette. Publisher's Version

The holy trinity of pop music in my eyes are Janet Jackson, Prince and Michael Jackson. With the loss of music royalty will music evolve or remain stagnate?

La'Toya Princess Jackson. 7/6/2016. “Brown Ballerinas Dancing Sur le Pointe.” Odyssey . Publisher's Version Abstract


There is a current social media interest in brown ballerinas dancing Sur le Pointe but one company stands out with their perfect blend of classical ballet technique and ethnic traditions.


La'Toya Princess Jackson. 6/21/2016. “Harvard: The Gates Unbarred.” Odyssey . Publisher's Version Abstract


The Harvard Extension School is Harvard’s best kept secret. A rare and precious gem indeed.