Brief Bio

Lauren A Taylor is a 5th year doctoral candidate at Harvard Business School. In May of 2020, she will earn a PhD in health policy and management. Her primary interests are in organizational ethics and institutional integrity. Lauren's dissertation explores the ethics of resource-generating behaviors (eg. investing, contracting, fundraising) among non-profits in health and social services.

Dissertation papers:

  • Taylor L and Byhoff E. The Medicalization of Community-Based Organizations: An Institutional Analysis.
  • Taylor L. Reconsidering Community Benefit Standards for Hospitals in an Era of Value-Based Financing.
  • Taylor L. How Do Health Care Managers’ Evaluate Offers of Dirty Money? A Discrete Choice Experiment.
  • Taylor L  What To Do with “Tainted” Funds? The Especially Difficult Case of Non-Profits.

Before entering the PhD program, she earned a Masters In Public Health at Yale, and a Masters of Divinity with training as a chaplain at Harvard’s Divinity School. In 2013, she co-authored a book titled The American Health Care Paradox with Elizabeth Bradley. She has since written broadly on integration of health and social services and financing of social determinants of health.