Research Projects

The future of energy systems
This project examines approaches to facilitate transitions to sustainable energy systems in the global South, understanding their risks, trade-offs, challenges, and opportunities.

Climate finance
This project explores climate finance at multilateral development banks, particularly their institutional architecture, financing modalities, and allocation priorities. A key area of interest is the shift towards sustainable energy development and financing. Published articles are focused on Asian Development Bank.

Democracy and decarbonisation
This project explores the role of citizens in climate action through sustainable energy transitions. The central goal is to develop strategies for greater public engagement through democratic exercises.

Knowledge production and energy transitions
This project examines the controversies concerning the crucial evolution of knowledge tensions that are shaping the narratives on energy transitions. It interrogates the roles, credibilities, and authorities of various types and sources of knowledge - experts and forms of expertise - under conditions of strong cognitive and normative uncertainties of the energy transition discourse.

Rapid climate mitigation
This project seeks to identify and describe the mechanisms that can be used as blueprints for designing policy and approaches for rapid deployments of sustainable energy technologies for climate mitigation. One key strand of the project looks at what can be learned from the rapid deployments of wartime munitions during World War 2 in terms of mobilising the state, finance, and labour resources.

The Climate Action Movement
This project has produced articles identifying the elements, conditions, and characteristics of effective and ineffective social change campaigns, and collect ideas on approaches, types of communication strategies and activities to ensure greater public engagement and action.

Informational governance
This project explores the role of information and communication technologies in addressing climate change challenges in developing countries.

Institutions and energy efficiency
This project seeks to strengthen the institutional capacity of developing countries to develop policy options in support of promoting energy efficiency.