Current Studies

We are currently recruiting participants for a research study supported by the Child- and Family-Centered Outcomes Research Scholars Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. This study, Developing Patient and Family Centered Approaches for Measuring and Improving Transition Readiness and Self-Efficacy, seeks to investigate medical and non-medical needs during the health care transition and establish patient preferences for models of transition care. Health care transition involves the movement of a patient from pediatric to adult (internal) medicine, to account for the changing needs of a maturing youth.

We are looking to recruit adolescents and young adults living with a pediatric-onset chronic disease and/or parents/caregivers of youth with pediatric conditions so that we can hear about their experiences, needs, and preferences for health care transition. Study volunteers will thus have the opportunity to voice the issues that are most important to them and help guide research efforts that address these issues.

If you are interested in participating in this research study,  please contact us at or see the attached flyer for additional details.

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