Dissertations in progress:

  • Hannah Rosefield (On friendship in Victorian Fiction)
  • Emily Silk (Uncommon Schools: Literature and the Rise of Public Education, 1830-1920
  • Porter White (Victorian Fictional Cartographies)
  • Sezen Unluonen (on evil in 19th-century fiction)
  • Aruni Mahapatra (Emory University), (representations of scholarship in nineteenth-century Odia fiction).

Dissertations completed:

as committee chair:

Rachel Stern (Fictions of Selfhood in the Age of the Social Fact)

Matt Franks (“Stages of Subscription, 1880-1922”; chair)

               Lecturer in Drama (tenure-track), University of Warwick

Heather Brink-Roby "Typical People in the Nineteenth-Century Novel" (2015)

Junior Research Fellow, Magdalene College, Cambridge University; Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities, Stanford

Lesley Goodman “Indignant Reading” (2013)

 Visiting Assistant Professor, Macalaster College

Liz Maynes-Aminzade “Victorian Macrorealism” (2013)

Lecturer on History & Literature, Harvard

Matthew Sussman "Stylistic Virtue in Nineteenth-Century Fiction" (2013)

Lecturer, University of Sydney

Maia McAleavey, “The Shadowy Third: Bigamy and the Victorian Novel” (2010)

Assistant Professor of English, Boston College

Daniel Pollack-Pelzner,“Talking Shakespeare in the Nineteenth‑Century British Novel” (2010)

Assistant Professor of English, Linfield College

Hannah Sullivan, "Passionate Correction: The Theory and Practice of Modernist Revision" (2008)

Lecturer in English, Oxford University.  Leverhulme Fellow.  Assistant Professor, Stanford

Melissa Jenkins, "The Father Refigured" (2007)

Associate Professor of English, Wake Forest University

as committee member:


Amanda Auerbach (Getting Lost in the 18th- and 19th-Century Novel)

Alison Chapman (The Corner of the Eye: Peripheral Attention and the English Novel)

Annie Wyman (Funny Book: Studies in the Comic Novel)

Carra Glatt, "Counterfactuals in the Nineteenth Century Novel" (2016)

Daniel Williams, "The Hap of Things: Uncertainty and the English Novel" (2015)

Harvard Society of Fellows

Margaret Rennix, "Cognitive Binding: 19th Century Literature and the Structure of Thought" (2015)

Harvard Expository Writing Program

Laura Johnson Forsberg, "The Miniature and Victorian Literature" (2015)

Fellow, Huntington Library

Matthew Ocheltree, "The Adventure of Origins, the Politics of Genre, and the Archaeology of the Future in Romanticism" (2015)

R.J. Jenkins (on ethology and the Victorian novel) (2015)

Senior Assistant Dean of Students, Columbia University

Greta Pane, “The First Scale of Attention: Linguistic Form and Aesthetic Experience in the Novel” (2013)

Kilachand Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston University

Elaine Auyoung, “Partial Cues and the Promise of More in Nineteenth-Century Realism” (2011)

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Sarah Wagner-McCoy, “Transatlantic pastoral and the realist novel” (2011)

Assistant Professor of English, Reid College

Jacob Jost, “Prose immortality, 1711-1791” (2011)

Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows; Assistant Professor, Dickinson College

Julia Lee, "The American Slave Narrative and the Victorian Novel, 1833-1863"  (2008)

Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Debra Gettelman, “Reverie, Reading and the Victorian Novel” (2005)

Associate Professor of English, College of the Holy Cross

Matthew Rubery “The Novelty of News: Victorian Fiction after the Invention of the Newspaper” (2004)

Reader in English, Queen Mary, University of London

Allen MacDuffie (“The City and the Sun: The Rise of Energy Culture in Victorian Britain,” 2007. Third reader.)

Assistant Professor of English, University of Texas, Austin

Guillermo Bleichmar (Comparative Literature; “Reconciliations with reality: The affect of literary realism from Wordsworth to Joyce,”  2007. Third reader)

           Tutor, St. John’s College

Monica Lewis ("Anthony Trollope Among the Moderns: Reading Aloud in Britain 1850‑1960," 2006. Third reader)

           Teacher, St. Alban’s School

Post-doc: Simon Reader (Toronto Ph.D.: “Thinking in Pieces: Victorian Notebooks and Notation”; now tenure-track assistant professor, CUNY-Staten Island)