Leigh oversees a diverse portfolio of mixed methods research on abortion and contraception, all focusing on the principle of reproductive autonomy.  Her work is guided by four primary questions:

  1. What do we measure?
  2. How do we measure it?
  3. What don't we measure?
  4. What are the implications of these inclusions/exclusions for reproductive equity?

Her approach intertwines feminist epistemologies and critical development and race theories with a more objectivist approach to health research. Leigh's current research collaborations include:

  • The Contraceptive Autonomy Study (Burkina Faso)
  • The PPIUD Study (Tanzania, Nepal, and Sri Lanka)
  • The HER Salt Lake Study (United States)
  • A study of legal access abortion at public health clinics (Mexico)
  • The trajectories of abortion seekers in legally restrictive settings (francophone West Africa)

Leigh is fluent in French and Spanish, and has conducted additional fieldwork in: Benin, Togo, Senegal, Niger, Turkey, South Africa, Peru, Cameroon, and the United States.