Dr. Leonard D’Avolio, Ph.D. has spent the last 15 years in government, academia, philanthropy, and industry working to make the learning healthcare system a reality. He’s the co-founder of Cyft, a company dedicated to helping serious illness care providers succeed in value-based care. He is also an Assistant Professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He is an advisor to the Helmsley Charitable Trust Foundation and several healthcare startups, and is on the Boards of Youth Development Organization and Intermountain Home Health and Hospice. 

Prior to founding Cyft, he led informatics at Ariadne Labs where he helped improve childbirth across 70 clinics in India. Prior to that he created the infrastructure for the world’s largest genomic medicine cohort and embedded the first clinical trial within an electronic medical record system for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. His work has been funded by the National Cancer Institute, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, National Library of Medicine, the Helmsley Charitable Trust Foundation.

Talks, interviews, & writing are announced on LinkedIn and Twitter (@ldavolio). 

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Latest Talks and Podcasts:

Leonard Davolio Bright Health Talk

Thinking beyond fee for service analytics for value-based care, Nov 2018


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Creating a New Healthcare - Counting What Counts, Jan 2018


National Academy of Medicine - Digital Learning Collaborative Summary, Nov 2017

NCQA Quality Talks - Making Healthcare Count, Oct 2017


Medicine's Next Great Breakthrough, TEDx Talk, November 2016


Faster Cures 2017 - Sharing "Scruffy" Data Highlights, Aug 2017


Moving Beyond the Hype of AI / Machine Learning - Interview following HIMSS Big Data & Analytics Forum, May 2017


Big Data and Machine Learning in Healthcare: How, When, and Why, HIMSS Big Data and Analytics Keynote, October 2016


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Recent and Upcoming Talks

  • HLTH - "The Future of Healthcare", May 2018
  • Mass Medical Society - "On AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare", May 2018
  • Bridge to Pop Health East - "Turning Predictions into Results - Case Studies from Successful Integrations", May 2018
  • HIMSS - Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare Track, Mar. 2018
  • National Academies of Science President's Circle Dinner, "Intelligence: Real and Artificial" Apr 2018
  • Health Datapalooza, "Which Buzzwords will still be buzzing" Mainstage panel discussion, Apr 2018
  • National Academy of Medicine, Digital Learning Collaborative, Nov 2017
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons, 2017 Annual meeting, Nov 2017
  • Healthare Finance Strategy, Nov 2017
  • HIMSS Pop Health Forum, Keynote, Oct 2017
  • NCQA - Quality Talks, Oct 2017
  • New England Baptist Hospital, Research Day Keynote, July 2017
  • Faster Cures, Partnering for Cures Boston, "Sharing Scruffy Data" panel, June 2017
    Healthcare: The Digital Disruption, District Hall, Boston, May 2017
  • HIMSS Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum, Opening Keynote, May 2017
  • Health Datapalooza, Mainstage panel discussion, Apr 2017


Company website: www.cyft.com

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Y2MAsc4AAAAJ

Twitter: @ldavolio

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