Cyft, Inc.  (

As CEO and co-founder of Cyft, Dr. D'Avolio is building an organization to bring 8+ years of research & development in machine learning and natural language processing to the healthcare industry.  Cyft makes it possible to turn healthcare data - any type, any format - into actionable insights delivered when and where they are needed most in hours, not months.  Partnered with some of healthcare's brightest minds and most forward-thinking organizations, Cyft's goal is to make data-driven decision making the standard of care.

Re-thinking Data with the Helmsley Charitable Trust Foundation

One of the greatest contributors to the estimated 17 years it takes for innovation to diffuse in healthcare is the inability to learn from the data collected by others.  Scientists are not currently incentivized to capture their data in standard formats nor to share their data with others to promote faster and more robust discovery.  This is especially problematic in the case of less prevalent diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes.  Dr. D'Avolio is working with Helmsley leadership to design a new strategy that not encourages data sharing but enforces as well as supports the requisite steps to true data sharing by providing resources to Helmsley funded programs. 


Working with Dr. Atul Gawande and Ariadne Labs, the Surgo Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. D'Avolio created a system to turn field data into real time performance information that is used to coach birth attendants toward better practices and outcomes.  Today, this system is implemented via low cost mobile phones and distributed across Uttar Pradesh.  As data is collected daily, it is used to power over 60+ reports and performance dashboards that are used for everything from coaching birth attendants, to stocking supplies, to managing an army of health workers across a geographically disperse state.  This model is reframing the way data is used in global health and will soon be adopted more widely in India as well as by health systems in Africa and other developing parts of the world.  

Million Veteran Program (MVP)

Dr. D'Avolio founded the informatics team at the Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology and Research Center (MAVERIC) and then led the team in the design and creation of the infrastructure that has thus far recruited 500,000+ Veterans into the world's largest genomic science cohort.  The resulting infrastructure integrates the VA's electronic medical record system with 7 other systems including a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for biospecimen cataloguing and storage, a high performance scientific compute cluster, mailing systems, a call center, and a command and control system to give management and VA leadership a unified view of all MVP operations.  

Point of Care Trials

Dr. D'Avolio led the informatics for the first ever randomized controlled trial embedded within an electronic medical record system.  The Point of Care (PoC) Trials program rethinks the divide between science and care, presenting all doctors and patients the opportunity to participate in research whenever a decision with equipoise presents.  In the first of it's kind trial, weight based versus sliding scale insulin regimens were compared with patients and doctors agreeing to automated randomization and longitudinal follow up performed by software embedded within the VA's VISTA system.  Today, this system is being expanded to support oncology trials with several embedded trials operating synchronously and patients routed to appropriate drugs based on the genotypic characteristics of their disease.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences' Undergraduate Program in Informatics

Dr. D'Avolio was recruited to design the school's first undergraduate degree in Biomedical Informatics.  As part of the role, Dr. D'Avolio assembled an advisory of industry and academic leaders, designed the program's four year curriculum, and gained approval from the College's leadership.  The program is now hosting its inaugural class.