XU Liang (2010), "A Reassessment of US Foreign Aid Policy to Africa"(美国援助非洲政策评析)


The US foreign aid mechanism has experienced three major reforms since the Clinton administration. Regulated under the Foreign Aid Act and being operated through institutions like the USAID and the Millennium Challenge Account, US foreign aid has developed with a rather stable and efficient system. This paper shows that US aid to Africa, both historically and in present times, has had its positive experiences and its lessons. This paper argues that compared to other donors, US aid to Africa has its advantages in size, good coordination in management, strong private donations and its first-rate information platform. However, this paper contends that there are also weaknesses in US foreign aid to Africa. US foreign aid to Africa has placed too much attention on the political conditions of recipient countries; proportionally it offers less assistance in areas of development. Also, making grand promises without honoring them has become another undermining factor for the effectiveness of US foreign aid.

Last updated on 02/17/2017