Ec 2010b—Economic Theory

Spring 2015, 2016

The course is the fourth part of the graduate microeconomics sequence, covering mechanism design, social choice theory, and cooperative game theory.

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Ec 2030—Psychology and Economics (Guest Lecture)

Spring 2016

The course studies the ways that economic and psychological factors jointly influence behavior, empirically and theoretically.

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Ec 2810a—Labor Market Analysis

Fall 2015 and 2016

The course covers core topics in the field of labor economics as well as empirical methods for applied microeconomic analysis.

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Ec 2140—Econometric Theory

Spring 2018

The course is the fourth part of the econometrics sequence. The materials include a rigorous treatment of M-estimators; approaches for constructing standard errors including clustering and the use of the bootstrap and other methods; nonparametric estimation; topics in structural estimation.

syllabus  section notes written evaluations