Authentic Engagement and Student Empowerment, at American Classical League Summer Institute (Austin, TX), Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Abstract: Educators often discuss how to get students engaged, but seldom question "engaged in what?" "The Latin (or Greek) language" is one answer that perhaps no one would dispute, but when classical language instruction focuses on modern life in order to generate enthusiasm, we risk exacerbating the tension (already felt by many teachers, whatever their preferred approach[es]) between the Communication and Culture standards. In this panel, we will first discuss not only how to leverage pre-existing interest in Greco-Roman culture into engagement with the language, but... Read more about Authentic Engagement and Student Empowerment
Using Technology for Good in the Latin Classroom, at American Classical League Summer Institute (Storrs, CN), Sunday, June 28, 2015
Abstract: Engage students in creating rich digital projects that enable peer learning and showcase their linguistic and cultural knowledge in dynamic ways that go beyond simple PowerPoint. Project-based, technology-enhanced learning can not only increase student excitement and engagement, but also turn electronic devices from unwelcome distractions into powerful learning tools. This workshop will show examples of projects that students (individually or collaboratively) can make on their computers and mobile devices, such as interactive fiction ("choose your own adventure... Read more about Using Technology for Good in the Latin Classroom
"Pro Cicerone" - In Defense of Cicero in the Latin Classroom, at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (San Antonio, TX), Saturday, November 22, 2014
Abstract: Cicero—patriot and exile, politician and philosopher, devoted father and loyal friend—was, until quite recently, one of the best known figures from Roman antiquity and one of the most widely read. This session will introduce ideas for using Cicero as a springboard for students to explore and review key aspects of Roman culture while simultaneously restoring him and his works to a justifiably central position in the classical curriculum. The session leaders will propose units designed for intermediate Latin students on issues of both public and private life, e.g.,... Read more about "Pro Cicerone" - In Defense of Cicero in the Latin Classroom
Classical to the Core: Latin as the Lynchpin to the Goals of the Standards, at ACTFL 2013 (Orlando, FL), Sunday, November 24, 2013
Abstract: The teaching of the Classical languages has been moving into radically new spaces since the turn of the millennium. This session will venture even further by illustrating project-based activities that complement the study of language and literature. Students will become the "makers" of objects and texts that are shared not only amongst each other, but with their schools and communities. These activities will connect with many of the areas covered by the Common Core Standards. The Romans were not only both consummate engineers and orators, but also masters of... Read more about Classical to the Core: Latin as the Lynchpin to the Goals of the Standards