Authentic Engagement and Student Empowerment

Presentation Date: 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


American Classical League Summer Institute (Austin, TX)
Abstract: Educators often discuss how to get students engaged, but seldom question "engaged in what?" "The Latin (or Greek) language" is one answer that perhaps no one would dispute, but when classical language instruction focuses on modern life in order to generate enthusiasm, we risk exacerbating the tension (already felt by many teachers, whatever their preferred approach[es]) between the Communication and Culture standards. In this panel, we will first discuss not only how to leverage pre-existing interest in Greco-Roman culture into engagement with the language, but also how to use Latin to generate interest in the culture. Secondly, we will discuss strategies to give students more control over their own learning in order to overcome potential inhibitors and to develop the ability and desire to work independently, which facilitates the voluntary reading of engaging material that research has shown to benefit language acquisition.