"Pro Cicerone" - In Defense of Cicero in the Latin Classroom

Presentation Date: 

Saturday, November 22, 2014


American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (San Antonio, TX)
Abstract: Cicero—patriot and exile, politician and philosopher, devoted father and loyal friend—was, until quite recently, one of the best known figures from Roman antiquity and one of the most widely read. This session will introduce ideas for using Cicero as a springboard for students to explore and review key aspects of Roman culture while simultaneously restoring him and his works to a justifiably central position in the classical curriculum. The session leaders will propose units designed for intermediate Latin students on issues of both public and private life, e.g., civil discord, territorial expansion and administration, legal procedure, rhetoric, marriage, family life, and education. The starting point for each topic will be materials by or about Cicero, which provide direct cultural access while keeping students engaged with one of the consummate practitioners of Latin prose style. The presenters will also suggest student projects spinning off from these themes.