I am a doctoral candidate in Health Policy at Harvard University concentrating in Decision Science. 

Current Interests

I currently work on projects related to the prioritization of resources in both high- and low-income settings. My primary methodological interests are the application and development of value of information methods and constrained mathematical optimization as priority setting tools. I am a member of the Health Policy Data Science Lab and a Fellow in Valuing Health Research at the National Bureau of Economic Research.


Before starting my PhD at Harvard, I spent 3 years as a Post-Bachelor Fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) where I was a contributing member to the all-cause mortality estimates for the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study. After earning my MPH at the University of Washington, I moved to Mexico and worked as a visiting researcher at the Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP). While in the PhD program, I've spent time at the World Health Organization in Geneva and the Center for Global Development in Washington D.C.

My first job was as a research assistant in Glacier National Park. I'm always happy to discuss mountain mishaps and my favorite alpine mammal, the pika.