• Loggia Lab 2019

    Loggia Lab, Summer 2019

    Photograph by Caroline Magnain

  • Professor Karen Davis presents Marco with the Ulf Lindblom Young Investigator Award

    2016 IASP World Congress, Yokohama Japan

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    Loggia Lab during the COVID-19 pandemic, August 2020

    Featuring our MGH masks and Zeynab's vegemite!

  • Martinos Open House Lab Photo

    Loggia Lab, Spring 2017

    Showing off our poster at the Martinos Center Open House

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    The Loggia Lab Hard at Work

    Angel, Ellie, and Dan testing out our imaging procedures!

  • Loggia Lab, Summer 2017

    Photograph by Caroline Magnain

  • Loggia Lab

    Loggia Lab, Spring 2018

    The Loggia Lab crew after a long week of scanning!