I am a second year physics graduate student working in Prof. Chris Rycroft's applied mathematics group. My interests are broad, but currently center around soft condensed matter questions regarding the geometry of thin sheets or membranes, nucleation, and granular flow. By combining simulations with theory from statistical physics, mechanics, and geometry, I explore fundamental physical laws with potential applications in material science, actuation, cell biology, and industrial proccesses.

As an undergraduate at the University of Cincinnati I studied theoretical cosmology, focusing on dark matter candidates such as the axion and other axion-like particles. At low temperatures (such as in space), axions could condense in the same energy state and form cosmologically-sized Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) which then become gravitationally bound. I analyzed the stability of these axion BECs with and without external gravtitational perturbations, as well as the dynamics of an axion BEC's collapse from a dilute stable state to a denser state in which decay through various processes is likely. Papers related to these topics can be found on my publications tab.


Articles for which I have given interviews or statements, arranged from most to least recent.

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Announcement of the American Physical Society's finalists for the LeRoy Apker Award: "Top Undergrads vie for Apker Award"

An interview with the University of Cincinnati's College of Arts & Sciences upon learning I was chosen as a recipient for Eleanor Hicks award: "Madelyn Leembruggen: 'Growing as a scientist, mentor, educator, and advocate'"

Profile by the University of Cincinnati about my academic career upon being selected as a recipient of the 2018 Presidential Medal of Excellence: "President honors top leaders, scholars"

A short interview with the American Physical Society regarding my experience applying for and winning the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship: "An Insider's Look at the Goldwater Scholarship"

An article by my hometown's news site after I became the first person from the University of Cincinnati's College of Arts & Sciences (and one of the first women from UC) to win the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship: "Leembruggen Honored with Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship"