About me

I am currently a Swartz Postdoctoral fellow (since September 2016) at Harvard University in the Center for Brain Science advised by Professor Haim Sompolinsky.


Ph.D. Applied Physics, Stanford University, 2016

M.S. Applied Physics, Stanford University, 2013 

B.S. Engineering Physics (Summa Cum Laude),
Cornell University, 2010

About me

I did my PhD research with Surya Ganguli as a member of the Neural Dynamics and Computation Lab at Stanford University and focused on the emerging field of high dimensional statistics, where inference accuracy is hindered by a high dimensional parameter space (the curse of dimensionality).

By treating high dimensional inference using mathematics from disordered system, I have worked on developing a mathematical descriptions for how classical methods such as maximum likelihood and maximum-a-posteriori should be "smoothed" to optimize high dimensional regression.

I am currently doing postdoctoral work mentored by Haim Sompolinsky as part of the Center for Brain Science at Harvard University. My broad research interest is in developing theories to understand high dimensional inference, neural networks, and complex systems with network structure such as those found in quantitative biology and neuroscience.

I also enjoy recreational rock climbing, running, and playing guitar.