Maha Farhat, PI

Maha Farhat is a physician scientist and completed her training at the McGill University Faculty of Medicine (2005), Massachusetts General Hospital (2012) and the Harvard Chan School of Public Health (2015).

Her interest in the study of microbial systems was first motivated by the recognition of the global morbidity and mortality associated with tuberculosis (TB) while working in an HIV/TB ward in Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa as a resident. She became acutely aware of the potential public health impact of an improved interpretation of microbial Big Data and specifically whole genome sequences during her post-doctoral training on MTB drug resistance with Dr. Megan Murray at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. During this time she also trained under Dr. Pardis Sabeti from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

The Farhat lab is infinitely indebted to the TB patients that have contributed samples and information to fuel this work, as well as our funders and collaborators. We would like to highlight the following: