Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Speaking and Briefing in the United States Congress, House of Representatives
Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Speaking and Briefing in the United States Congress, House of Representatives. (Credit, Valter Schleder)

 Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is a world-renowned Iranian-American business strategist and advisor, entrepreneur, Harvard-educated scholar and political scientist. He is frequently quoted by national and International outlets, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is president of the International American Council, Harvard University scholar, TV personality, and philanthropist. As a Harvard-educated Iranian-American, Dr. Rafizadeh has been named among top most influential Iranian-Americans by several governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and official media outlets. He serves on the boards of Harvard International Review of Harvard International Relations Council at Harvard University and the US-Middle East Chamber of Business and Commerce, to name a few.  He  is one of the Raddington Report's experts alongside other members including former president and Nobel laureate F.W. de Klerk,  former speaker of the US House of Representative and former senator, former state department official to John Kerry, former presiden of Latvia, Vaira Freiberga ,former UK ambassador, former vice president and prime minister of Iraq, Ayad Alawi, and former CIA deputy director of intelligence. 

Dr. Rafizadeh has earned multiple graduate degrees including a Master's in Global and International Studies, a Master's degree in Journalism and Communication,  a Master's  degree in Linguistic and teaching, and a Doctorate (Ph.D). He also obtained a  Bachelors degree in Linguistic and languages ( concentration: English, Arabic, Persian). 

Frequently called upon to brief U.S., EU, and Asian officials regarding US foreign policy, socio-economic, cultural, business, investment, and socio-political landscapes of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Rafizadeh also testifies  as an expert for courts, advises foreign business corporations and companies including firms seeking to start business in the Middle East, North Africa and Iran. His analyses are sought after by governments and the private sector across the world. 



U.S. Senator and DR. Rafizadeh

Caption: U.S. Senator and Dr. Rafizadeh

Rafizadeh is author of several novels, foreign policy, political and non-fictional books including  "US Foreign Policy: Understanding ISIS, the Middle East and the Complexity of the Syrian Civil War" introducing new theoretical and practical methods accessible to readers to analyze the Middle East, "Protecting the Human Rights of Children and Women",   "Peaceful Reformation: A Memoir of struggle", "My Mother's Story: A Journey Through Repressions, Poverty, Civil War, Patience and Perseverance" advocating for women rights, and the upcoming books "Quran" and "Third World War: The Nuclear War?".  

He has been invited to teach at multiple universities including University of California Santa Barbara through US State Department Fulbright Teaching scholarship. Rafizadeh has been recipient of several fellowships and scholarships including from Oxford University, Annenberg, and University of California Santa Barbara., and his analysis and research are regularly used to brief various institutions and parliaments including the UK Parliament. Previously he worked at the United Nations, International Committee for Red Cross, and conducted research at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Council on US-Arab Relations, to name a few. 

Speech by Dr. Majid Rafizadeh and Ambassadors

Caption: Dr. Rafizadeh's speech to high level officials and world leaders


As a political scientist and scholar, Rafizadeh is frequently invited to appear on national and international outlets including CNN, BBC World TV and Radio, ABC, Aljazeera, Fox News, CTV, RT, CCTV America, Skynews, CTV, and France 24 International, to name a few. He is regularly invited to write for both academic and non-academic publications, as well as highly-regarded international news outlets. His work has appeared on the New York Times International, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Farred zakaria GPS, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy,  The Nation, The National. Aljazeera, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, The Nation, Jerusalem Post, The Economic Times, USA Today Yale Journal of International Affairs, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and Harvard International Review, to name a few.  

Rafizadeh is originally from the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria. Several profiles have been written about him. According to BBC profile of Dr. Rafizadeh, he grew up, worked, and lived most of his life in both Shia and Sunni societies as well as the Arab and persian world. This gave him a unique perspective and the first hand experience in comprehending the socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and religious landscapes of the Islamic world and the Middle East. 

Rafizadeh is also native speaker of several languages including Arabic and Persian; He is fluent in Dari and English. Other languages include Hebrew and French.  He recently came to the US by winning the Fulbright Teaching Scholarship in which he was the only Iranian citizen of the year to receive the scholarship. He recently became a US citizen. 

Secretary of State and Dr. Rafizadeh

Caption: Dr. Rafizadeh speaking in Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, Austria alongside
Secretary of State of Austria, Ambassador Winkler, Ambassador to NATO, Ambassador Gabreile Holzer....


According to CNN, BBC, and multiple national and international outlets, several of Rafizadeh's family members and relatives including his father were tortured and killed by the Syrian or Iranian governmental forces in a campaign to silence Rafizadeh in his efforts in advocating for rule of law, social justice, peace, gender equality, reforms from within Iran's Shia Islam,  women rights, and human rights.  

As a  keynote speaker, Dr. Rafizadeh is frequently invited to speak at international forums, academic platforms,  universities, interfaith dialogues, as well as  non-academic, diplomatic, and foreign affairs' conferences including Austrian-American foundation, Total multinational energy (gas and oil) corporation, Milton Wolf Seminar on Diplomacy in Vienna.

He is a board member of several notable and influential international, governmental or non-governmental institutions including International advisory board member of USAID Center for Energy studies, advisory board of Commission on Syrian Refugees,  and a member of the Gulf 2000 Middle East Project of the Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs, to name a few. He served as an ambassador, a senior fellow at Nonviolence International based in Washington DC. A Harvard-educated and best-selling author, Rafizadeh has been referred to as a leading expert on Iran,  US foreign policy and Middle East, and a policy analyst. He is an award-winning political scientist, business advisor, scholar, journalist and human rights defender.  

U.S. Ambassador and Dr. Rafizadeh

Caption: U.S. Ambassador and Dr. Rafizadeh

Rafizadeh advocates for reformation from within Islam in Iran. In comparison to many Americans and Westerners with Middle Eastern origins, Rafizadeh grew up, lived, and worked most of his life in the Middle East and Muslim countries till recently. 

His interviews and works have been translated to several languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian and Russian. Dr. Rafizadeh seeks to promote a world where all people and creatures live next to each other in peace regardless of their background.  

Dr. Rafizadeh's Interview at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government 

Caption: Dr. Rafizadeh's Interview at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government


Dr. Rafizadeh and United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Caption: Dr. Rafizadeh and The United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Professor at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government and a member of the Board of Directors of the school's  Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

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Dr. Majid Rafizadeh's Quotes: "Fame, wealth, and position robs you of happiness if you are lonely. Happiness comes when you share.",  "Our differences of ethnicity, race, color, and religion may strive to separate us, but most human beings share the same purpose, the same aspirations, and desires, to live a peaceful life. If we all made the choice to surrender self-interest and greed for the sake of unity, then this journey could be pleasant for every creature on earth.",  "One needs a reason to live for, but more fundamentally a significant value to strive and die for". "Some deceive and lie to get a position, more power or wealth, They may feel intelligent about it. But, at the end of the day, they should think; who are they genuinely deceiving and lying to?"