Academic Data Science Programs

Boston (Massachusetts) it is well known for prominent colleges. Harvard University (has multiple data science programs, including an Online Professional Certificate in Data Science). Massachusetts has a lot to offer those seeking a tech career within statistics, business analytics, or data science.


Data Science Programs at Harvard

  • M.S. in Data Science (Institute for Applied Computational Science) 
An on-campus program at Harvard requires 12 courses to be completed, which offers a comprehensive overview of data science techniques, critical thinking needs, and electives in computer science and statistics. Students must take a thesis project or final capstone project, the former being a great opportunity for those considering further studies beyond the Master's degree. 
  • M.S. in Health Data Science (Chan School of Public Health) 
Outcomes for eventual graduates in this health-focused data science program include being able to use statistical analysis and modeling methods to determine better trends and patterns in treatment for patients. The final research project can provide a pathway into an advanced career position in data science or advancing to a PhD in biostatistics or computer science. 
  • Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies (Extension School) 
In the field of data science, coursework is required in high-level Python programming, data modeling, and various data science courses in gathering, interpretation, and visualization. Students have the flexibility to take these courses on campus or conveniently online or all three semesters during the academic year. 
  • Master of Science in Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics (School of Public Health) 
This unique discipline blends data science with bioinformatics and epidemiology, giving students the skills needed to analyze many different data sets and become prepared for any problems that need to be solved in the health care sector. Incoming students should have coursework completed in linear algebra, probability and statistics, biology, and some computer programming capability. 
  • Master of Science in Computational Science and Engineering (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) 
Two different formats of the program are available with the Master of Science and Master of Engineering degrees. Both programs require eight courses, which dive into researching in this field and systems development, and adds customized electives in the data science category. The Master of Engineering program adds a thesis research project, which helps students prepare for a doctorate degree. 
  • Online Professional Certificate in Data Science  Online 
Through the edX open online course platform, the professional certification in data science provides education in statistical probability and modeling, and machine learning algorithms. Various tools that are used in a related profession, including R and Python programming, ggplot2 and RStudio visualization, and the Linux and GitHub platforms.