Edited Volume

Changing Youth Values in Southeast Europe: Beyond Ethnicity

Routledge (2017)

Editors:           Danilo Mandic & Tamara Pavasovic Trost | Princeton University

Panel Discussion of the book at Center for European Studies: VIDEO.


"This insightful and wide ranging book offers an original take on understanding youth subjectivities in Southeast Europe . In contrast to the dominant paradigms that insist on the pervasiveness of ethno- nationalist identifications in the region this book demonstrates the full complexity of youth perceptions and behaviours in this part of the world. This is an excellent contribution based on the comprehensive primary research." - Professor Siniša Maleševic University College, Dublin, Ireland

"As liberal democracy is being increasingly challenged by radical politics, sustained scholarly attention to ethnicity and nationalism is gaining renewed urgency. This excellent and timely volume tackles this crucial topic head-on, exploring both the complexities and limitations of an ethnocentric analytical lens. The collection challenges conventional wisdom regarding a particularly relevant demographic group: young people who will shape national politics in the coming decades and whose commitment to nationalist principles has come under increased empirical scrutiny. This is essential reading for anyone interested in the legacy of ethnic conflict in the Balkans and its implications for the future of the European project." - Bart Bonikowski, Professor of Sociology, Center for European Studies, Harvard University

"Few academic books are as important and surprising as this one on the ethnic identities and values of youth in seven Balkan countries. The cutting-edge qualitative research presented here shows that ethnicity and nationalism often take a back seat to identities rooted in economic, social, global and class positions. Theoretically innovative and empirically rigorous, the work presented here moves forward our scholarly understanding of ethnicity and casts a much needed spotlight on social change among youth in Europe’s periphery. This should be required reading for all students of ethnicity, nationalism and social change." - Mary C. Waters, Harvard University