Danilo Mandić is a Postdoctoral College Fellow in the Department of Sociology, where he lectures on war, forced migration, political sociology and research methods. His research focuses on social movements, nationalism, ethnic relations, civil war and organized crime. He co-edited a volume (with Tamara Pavasović Trošt) on youth in Southeast Europe, and led a BCARS research team to study Syrian refugees on the Balkan Route. His book Gangsters and Other Statesmenon the role of organized crime in separatist movements of the post-Cold War period, is out with Princeton U.P.

 Mandic Book Launch

Fall 2021

- Check out SOCI-1186 Refugees in Global Perspective.

- "The Doubly Stigmatized" in ASA Political Sociology Newsletter (Spring 2020). 

- "Principles of protection for migrants, refugees, and other displaced persons " during COVID crisis. 

Please see:

Swiss Radio SRF on Gangsters and Other Statesmen  |  BBC World Service on Syrian refugees  |  Vice News on gangsters and politics  | Here & There podcast (w/Dave Marash) on Gangsters and Other Statesmen | BIRN on Gangsters and Other Statesmen  N1 on Serbia-Kosovo | Radio Televizija Srbija on U.S. elections  |  Metro on social movements 

- "Syrian Refugee Crisis: Lessons from the Balkan Route" @ IASxSIR Speaker Series, October 2020.

Panel on "Youth in Southeast Europe" @ Center for European Studies, May 2nd, 2018. 

- At a Crossroads: The Future of the European Union, Harvard GSAS. 

What do the Refugees Mean for Europe? @ Heller School, Brandeis University.

- Refugees and Risk: Syrian Migrant Smuggling on the Balkan Route @ FXB Center, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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