HMS BMI 726.0 Big Data Innovations in Population Health





Course Directors: Kenneth D. Mandl, John Brownstein, Ben Reis. Can we predict epidemics? Do doctors and public health officials need to know what is trending on Google or Twitter? Can computers warn us about dangerous drugs? What insights will emerge from the nearly one trillion dollar investment in electronic health records?  This course introduces the cutting-edge “Big Data” approaches that are transforming medicine at the population level. Learn from internationally recognized innovators who are developing intelligent public health systems to power the healthcare of tomorrow. Core faculty and guest experts will cover topics including the use of big data in precision medicine, designing a learning healthcare system, biosurveillance, pharmacovigilance and patient-centered epidemiological methods. The course will focus both on the needs of public health departments as well as health delivery systems for real time characterization of populations. This class is appropriate for those seeking an overview or planning a research career in informatics, epidemiology, health services research, disease modeling or public health. The course is geared toward graduate students, but interested undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows are welcomed as space allows.

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