I advise student research in the fields of the history of the United States in the world and modern international history. In supervising senior theses and doctoral dissertations I am especially interested in working with students who adopt fresh approaches and/or look at hitherto neglected actors, themes, topics, regions, or connections. 

Advised projects include:

Ongoing Ph.D. Dissertations under my supervision:

  • Ruodi Duan (Topic: "Sentiments and Strategies: Forging Asian-African Solidarity, 1963-1974")
  • Thomas M. Jamison (Topic: "Gunboat Insurgency: Naval War in the Peripheral World and the Global Origins of Military Modernity, 1861-1895")

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations (supervisor):

  • Lydia Walker, PhD '18. "States-in-Waiting: Nationalism, Internationalism, Decolonization"
  • Steffen Rimner PhD '14. "The Asian Origins of Global Narcotics Control, c. 1860-1909"
  • Jane Hong PhD '13. "Reorienting America: Race, Geopolitics, and the Repeal of Asian Exclusion, 1940-1952"

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations (reader):

  • Madeleine Dungy PhD '17. "Peace, Power, and Economic Order: International Rivalry and Cooperation in European Trade Politics, 1900-1930"
  • Eva Payne PhD '17. "Purifying the World: Americans and International Sexual Reform, 1865–1933"
  • Zach Fredman PhD '16. “From Allies to Occupiers: Living with the U.S. Military in Wartime China, 1941–1945” (BU, external reader)
  • Asher Orkaby PhD '14. "The International History of the Yemen Civil War, 1962-1968"
  • Kimberly A. Lowe PhD '13. "The Red Cross and the New World Order, 1918-1924" (Yale, external reader)
  • Jeremy Yellen PhD '12. "The Two Pacific Wars: Visions of Order and Independence in Japan, Burma, and the Philippines, 1940-1945"
  • Erik Linstrum PhD '12. "Making Minds Modern: The Politics of Psychology in the British Empire, 1898-1970"
  • Vernie Oliveiro PhD '10. "The United States, multinational corporations and the politics of globalization in the 1970s"
  • Ann Marie Wilson PhD '10. "Taking liberties abroad : American and the international humanitarian advocacy, 1821-1914"
  • Trygve Throntveit PhD '08. "Related states : pragmatism, progressivism, and internationalism in American thought and politics, 1880--1920"

Senior Theses:

  • Anatol Klass '17, "China's New Order: The Republic of China and the United Nations System in Asia, 1945-1950" (winner, Hoopes Prize)
  • Benjamin Harland '16, "Universality and Inclusion or Neutrality and Exclusion: Magen David Adom’s Campaign for A New Red Cross Symbol, 1948-2006"
  • Julian Gewirtz ’13, “River Crossings: The Influence of Western Economists on Chinese Reform, 1978-1988” (winner, Hoopes Prize and Philip Washburn Prize). Revised and expanded version published as Unlikely Partners: Chinese Reformers, Western Economists, and the Making of Global China (Harvard, 2017)
  • David Alan Fuller ’13, “The Balangiga Inflection: Massacre, Media, and the United States’ Understanding of Empire in the Philippines, 1898-1902”
  • Peter Gamble Bacon ’11, “Ambassadors with Bulldozers: American Development in Afghanistan, 1945-1959”
  • Mohindra Rupram ’10, “The American Intervention in Guyana: International, Regional and Domestic Contexts”
  • Robert Gerard King ’10, “Academic Scribblers: Policy Reports and the Making of American Strategy on Latin America, 1948-1980”
  • Amy Michelle Zelcer ‘07, “Henry Morgenthau Jr., the Holocaust, and the Transformation of American Jewish Identity” (winner, Lillian Bell Prize in History)