Winner, John R. Marquand Award for Excellence in Advising and Support to Harvard Undergraduates, 2020


Ed Secondary capstone projects (Secondary Concentration in Education Studies, Harvard University):


Ryan O’Malley ’22: “Student Voice: Where does it belong in the Peer Advising Fellow program?”

Ellie Grueskin ’22.5: “Playing Your/The Part: Examining the Optimal Leadership Structure for Kirkland Drama Society”

Hannah Chew ’23: “This Is Not an Arts School”: The Practice of Collegiate Arts Involvement

Vera Petrović '23: "A Bygone Year: The Social Reintegration of the Junior Class to Harvard College Post Pandemic"

Jeffrey Prince '22" "Too Rich for Aid, Too Poor for Tuition: The College Affordability Dilemma for the Middle and Upper Middle Class" 

Claudia Cabral '22: "Going “Viral”: What College Student Meme Posts Reveal About Their Sentiments Towards Higher Education Administration Fall 2020 Reopening Plans " 

John Our '22: "Job Search Strategies of First-Generation Senior College Students" 

Sienna Campbell '23:  "Being a Good PAF"

Lourdes Vivanco '23: "What Defines a Good Learner? Examining Interpretations of Ideal Learning from Harvard College Seniors"

Remi Owusemi '22: "Caring for Undergraduates as they Conduct Emotional Labor"

           Tommy O'Neil '23: "Comparative Study on Mental Health of Student-Athletes during the Pandemic"

Garrett Rolph '22: "The True Value of Evaluations: How Teacher Training Programs Consider Grades in Admission"

Xaley Yousey '21: "In-Person and Emergency Remote Learning: An Examination of the Perceptions and Experiences of Seniors at Harvard University"

Thu Pham '23: "Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment: The Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of COVID-19"

Truong L. Nguyen '23: "Increasing Member Engagement, Enhancing Membership, and Building an Inclusive Environment for the Harvard Vietnamese Association"

Samyra Miller '21: "The Harvard Hypnosis: What Gives Value to the Harvard Degree?"

Braedan Foldenauer '21: "Discussing Academic Integrity: Suggestions for the Future of Honor Council Outreach"

Ben Sorkin '20: "Understanding Representation: A Comparative Demographic Analysis of the Harvard College Undergraduate Council"

Andrew Perez '20: "Leadership Gap: The Role of (Non)Dominant Capital in the Leadership of Cultural Organization - with  a reflection on governance structures"

Kalena Wang '20: "Learning From Our Peers: Understanding How OFS and Other University Offices Engage the Student Body Through Peer Education"

Meghan Tveit '20: "Seeking a New Lens: Improving the Visibility and Recognition of Dorm Crew on Campus"

Beth Larcom '20: "Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Creating Consistent and Supportive Leadership Turnover within Harvard’s First-Year Outdoor Program Steering Committee" 

Jessica Williams '20: "How Harvard FGLI Students Formulate Career Decisions around a Medical or STEM Pathway"

Laura Kanji '19: "Students’ Perceptions and Experiences of Campus Mental Health Services"

Cindy Jung '19: “Are Humanities Students Less Employable? Student and Employer Perspectives and Recommendations for Harvard”

Catherine Zhang '19: "The Harvard Undergraduate Council"


Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University:


Senior thesis: Allison Lee ’21: “Virtual Veritas: Harvard Students’ Experiences During COVID-19 Pandemic”

Senior thesis: Ikeoluwa Feyisayo Adeyemi-Idowu ‘19: “How Do You Q?” Investigating undergraduates’ understandings of and interactions with Harvard university’s course evaluation system”

SOCIOL91r: Haley Baker ‘16 “Effects of high school afterschool programming on college retention for high-risk students”

SOCIOL92r: Ben Sorkin ‘20, Abigail Koerner ‘21, Daniela Betancourt ‘21, Jennifer O’Brien ‘21 “Student Employees in Higher Education – SISHEI research project”


Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education, Danube University Krems:


Martin Galevski ‘14: The Academic Profession in Macedonia: Conditions and Challenges