Higher education policies and reforms

Klemenčič has researched various aspects of higher education policies and reforms in general, and in Europe, Western Balkans and Slovenia in particular.

Relevant publications

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Relevant publications

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Central and Eastern Europe and Western Balkans

From 2010 to 2012, Klemenčič was engaged in a research project “Differentiation, Equity, Productivity: the social and economic consequences of expanded and differentiated higher education systems - internationalisation perspective” (PI Professor Pavel Zgaga), which focused on higher education reforms in the Western Balkans. Through the the perspective of internationalisation and policy diffusion, she has investigated – usually by comparing several countries in the region - questions of institutional differentiation, institutional research, conditions of academic work, internationalisation, private-public higher education and student representation in university governance. 

Relevant publications

Klemenčič, M. (2016). EAIR 2015 Keynote: The role of Institutional Research Positioning in Universities: Practices in Central and Eastern European countries. In Prichard, R., Taylor, J. and Pausits, A. (eds.) Positioning universities, pp. 3-18 (Rotterdam: Sense Publishers)

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Native of Slovenia, Klemenčič often collaborates with Slovenian researchers to research various higher education topics relevant to Slovenia.   

Relevant publications

Flander, A., Klemenčič, M. and S. Kočar (2020) Academic profession in knowledge societies (APIKS) and the conditions of academic work in Slovenia. Findings from the 2018 survey. Ljubljana: CMEPIUS

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