Letters of recommendation

I gladly support my former students applications by writing a letter of recommendation.

These are my conditions for writing a letter of recommendation:

1. I can write a letter of recommendation if you have taken my SOCIOL1104 or SOCIOL1130 which are research-intensive courses with capped enrollements. Since these courses are smaller and you conduct an independent research project in addition to co-teaching assignments and other assignments, I have enough material to write a comprehensive letter.  Obviously, I even have more material if you have taken both of these courses or two (or more :) of any of my courses. If you have taken my GENED1039, I typically do not have enough material to write a comprehensive letter of recomemndation unless you have chosen to conduct an independent research project as the capstone assignment.

2.  You need to contact me at least two weeks before the deadline and send me all documents you are submitting with the application (essay or cover letter and CV). You also need to send me a copy of the research paper you have completed in my course. You don't need to meet me in office hours to ask me for a letter of recommendation. You can do this by email.

3. Since I get a lot of requests for letters of recommendation, I am no longer able to support more than maximum 5 applications per student per an academic year (1 July - 30 June).  So please plan accordingly. 

4. If you are asking for more than one letter of recommendation in one period, please send me a list with all the deadlines in one message.

5. I am happy to store a letter of recommendation with your House for future use.

6. Please note that the longer you wait with a request for a letter of recommendation after the end of the course, the less "personalised" such letter will be.  I will no longer be able to recall the small details - small instances that happened in course which I can insert into the letter to make it more personalised. A year after you took my course, I rely soley on your submitted assignments and my notes on the assignments. 

7. If your final grade was B+ or lower, please don't ask for a letter of recommendation since I am not able to write a very strong letter of recommendation.

7. It is your responsibility to keep track of the deadlines. Please send me a reminder in case I have confirmed I can submit a letter but have not done so five days before the deadline. 

8. I expect that you inform me after the end of the application season what your plans are - even if your applications  were not successful. 


I am always happy to hear from my former students about your career and life paths. Please stay in touch :)