New chapter on student agency and actorshood in student-centred higher education forthcoming

August 30, 2019
This is what I have worked on this Summer of 2019: Student agency and actorshood in student-centred learning higher education. This chapter is part of the forthcoming Routledge Handbook on Student Centred Learning and Instruction in Higher Education, in which I have also co-authored the introduction and as first author, co-authored the epilogue. This chapter is a shorter version of the Part III of my monograph on Student power in higher education. It is also linked to the keynote on Designing successful student-centred ecosystems in higher education that I delivered in June in Bologna at the 20th Anniversarry of the Bologna Process. So this summer, my work on several fronts was devoted to student agency in teaching and learning; perhaps in particular also while designing the new GEN ED 1039 Higher Education:Students, Institutions, and Controversies.