Opening ceremony guest speaker at inaugural SPLASH! @ Harvard College

May 13, 2019

In SOCIOL1130 in Spring 2018, Amy Tan chose her service role in the Harvard admissions office as focus for her action research course project. She designed a bluprint for action that would bring high school students to visiti Harvard’s campus and take classes taught by Harvard students on a variety of topics not traditionally taught in a high school curriculum. Splash! already existed at other schools, but not at Harvard. Several other students become interested in the initiative and together they formed and registered Harvard Undergraduate Studies in Education (HUSE): "This is the premiere undergraduate organization dedicated to promoting knowledge about education as a career field and hosts an annual program called "Splash" for Harvard students to teach classes to high school students on campus". Just a year after Amy presented her bluprint for action, on 27 April 2019, the inaguaral SPLASH! @ Harvard took place: . 

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