Voted one of the favorite professors of the Class of 2019 featured in Class of 2019 Harvard Yearbook

December 22, 2018

In recognition of impact on the senior class's Harvard experience, Harvard Yearbook Publications recognizes the favorite professors  in the Class of 2019's Harvard Yearbook.

This is my letter to Class 2019 to be featured in the Harvard Yearbook:

Dear Class of 2019,

In this yearbook, there are many familiar faces graduating who have taken courses on higher education with me. Thank you for putting my name forward to the Harvard Yearbook. It means a lot! My courses are small enough that I get to know each of you and your life beyond the classroom. Through our class discussions and your research projects I get to see Harvard and beyond through your eyes, and learn sides of higher education I have not known before. Often your projects show how Harvard could do better. I will make sure that your research will continue to inform and inspire the University officers and students that come after you. My time with you – with students – is the most rewarding part of being an academic. Do stay in touch!

And to the Class of 2019, I wish you all a smooth transition into your imagined future selves. In whichever profession you end up, please help us keep public trust in higher education. And please keep engaged with higher education. We need your guidance on how universities can best serve the societies that give them life and purpose.

All very best,

Manja Klemenčič

Lecturer in Sociology (of Higher Education)

Department of Sociology

Faculty of Arts and Sciences