Publications by Year: 2012

Klemencic, Manja. 2012. “Student representation in Western Europe”. European Journal of Higher Education.
Klemenčič, Manja. 2012. “The Changing Conceptions of Student Participation in HE Governance in the EHEA”. Pp. 631–653 in European Higher Education at the Crossroads. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands.Abstract
Student participation in HE governance is considered one of the foundational values in European HE. It can be traced back to the medieval universities and it resurged with the student revolts in 1960s.Today, students as a collective body are in some way represented in HE governance in basically every European country. Accordingly we can find advanced – but also highly diversified – multilevel systems of student representation. The issue of student participation in HE governance has featured prominently in policy making within the Bologna Process. The European Ministers referred to student participation in affirmative terms in every Communiqué after the Prague Ministerial Summit in 2001. European Students’ Union [ESU], the representative platform of the European national unions of students, was granted a consultative membership and has participated in the governing structures of the Process. Yet, despite this high political involvement, ESU continues to report deteriorating student influence when it comes to institutional governance. This raises questions about the interactions and interrelations between student participation as a concept and social phenomenon and EHEA policy developments. The chapter addresses the ideational and normative foundations regarding student participation emerging from the two – intertwined – policy developments: the Bologna Process and the ‘modernisation agenda for universities’. In view of these developments, it investigates changes in the conception of student participation as depicted in the four main relationship constellations involving students: between the state and students, between university and students, between the academics and students, and between student representatives and students.
Student Representation in Western Europe: introduction to the special issue
Klemenčič, Manja. 2012. “Student Representation in Western Europe: introduction to the special issue”. European Journal of Higher Education 2 (1):2-19. Publisher's VersionAbstract
This article introduces the special issue of European Journal of Higher Education dedicated to the cross-national comparison of student representation in Western Europe. Student representative organisations, whose primary aim is to represent and defend the interests of the collective student body, are core participants in European higher education (HE) governance. Yet, these organisations are strikingly absent in scholarly literature. This special issue is guided by the question of how students as a collective body are organised, and how their interests are aggregated, articulated and intermediated into the national policy processes. The article develops the conceptual framework guiding the investigation of national student associations and systems of student representation and interest intermediation; and it introduces the five empirically-driven articles on student representation in Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy compared, and Spain.