Quality assurance and institutional research in higher education

Role of students in quality assurance

Klemenčič has examined the role of students in quality assurance in European context. In the 2018 chapter The student voice in quality assessment and improvement, Klemenčič argues that the trend in liberal higher education has been to afford students enhanced capabilities to intervene in their higher education environments, especially in quality assessment, accountability and performance. For liberal educational approaches, students are central in three ways. First, HE is expected to prepare students to become agentic individuals. To this end, progressive pedagogical practices, which entail active learning activities, have been put in use. Furthermore, students’ extracurricular engagements have become integrated into the expanded notions of HEIs’ responsibility over student experiences. Second, understanding students - their attitudes, preferences, capabilities, and behaviours - is becoming a vital task for HE professionals. Third, as more countries are adapting liberal education, students are constructing new roles, and new types of authority in HE governance. Klemenčič analyzes the areas and pathways for student involvement in promoting quality investigating both the rationales and student motivations for such involvement. She also addresses controversies related to student involvement in quality: acceptance of students as “peers”, tokenistic involvement of students in decision processes, and the “domestication” of students.

In the 2015 chapter The student voice in quality assessment and improvement, Klemenčič explores the institutional conditions and organizational culture that shape student agency in structures and processes towards quality enhancement. The framework Klemenčič develops present a shift from the traditional focus on how colleges and universities can assure educational quality to how students are co-responsible for and contribute to the wellbeing and advancement of their colleges and universities. 

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Quality assurance and institutional research in Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe

Klemenčič has also researched the characteristics of the institutional research and quality assurance in the European context, and especially in Central European countries. Her main focus has been on the diffusion of European policies to national and institutional contexts as well as institutional path dependencies and  national systemic legacies that have impaired such diffusion, and may have stalled policy convergence.

Relevant publications

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