Courses at Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

Fall 2019

GENED1039 Higher Education:Students, Institutions, and Controversies


Spring 2020

SOCIOL1130 Higher Education Leadership and Service in Higher Education


Fall 2018

(Undergraduate seminar course) SOCIOL1104 Higher Education: Institutions, Inequalities and Controversies, Wednesdays 12:00-2:45

SOCIOL1104 Fall 2018


SOCIOL1104 trailer and Canvas website

This undergraduate seminar explores modern higher education systems and institutions through sociological lenses. We identify major issues and controversies in contemporary higher education – such as rising student debt, inequality in access, grade- and degree “inflation”, commercialization of higher education, what students learn and more. We also look backstage to student experience at Harvard. We explore these issues drawing on the seminal works and concepts from the six domains of inquiry in this field: college impact, study of inequalities, universities and colleges as organizations, academic profession, higher education politics, and higher education culture. This is a research-intensive seminar and each students conducts research leading to a final paper. Students also participate as co-teachers in parts of the course. This is an opportunity to gain perspectives into established and emerging areas of research into higher education and insights into today’s changing higher education landscape at Harvard, in the United States and across the world. [Qs in 2017 course/instructor overall 5.0]


Spring 2019

(Mindich Engaged Scholarship Lecture Course) SOCIOL1130 Higher Education Policy and Service at Harvard and Beyond, Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:00-1:15

This Undergraduate Engaged Scholarship Course specifically targets students in different service and leadership roles at Harvard (e.g. students serving on University committees or as interns in University offices or programs, student leaders, PAFs, HOCOs, FYE, UC, Crimson, etc.). To these students it offers an opportunity to engage with scholarship from sociology of higher education to better understand and explore student agency in university contexts. Students' grasp of concepts, such as university citizenship, mattering, belonging, community-building, and self-formation, is reinforced through their experiential learning in existing service and leadership roles on campus. Students work on participatory action research and develop blueprints to influence policy relevant to their service and leadership. Invited guest speakers bring insights of the backstage of higher education governance at Harvard and beyond. Meetings with student communities outside Harvard helps students understand student agency in different university contexts, share experiences and explore collaboration. This course challenges the traditional line of inquiry in sociology of higher education which focuses primarily on the effects of college on students. Instead, student projects developed in this course showcase student agency and the impact students have on their universities through policy and service. [awarded a Mindich Program for Engaged Scholarship faculty course development grant; Qs in 2018: 4.9]

See digital book from Spring 2018 student projects Students in Service at Harvard.

Mindich Program Mindich Program for Engaged Scholarship at Harvard College

The Mindich Program for Engaged Scholarship (MPES) is focused on integrating academics and community engagement through innovations in teaching, learning and research. Engaged Scholarship promotes engagement across academic disciplines, diverse sectors of civic and community life, to connect academics to real-world questions, problems, and opportunities. Through courses, research, projects and partnerships, Engaged Scholarship stimulates student and faculty collaboration with community beyond the Harvard context.