About Map Togther

Map Together is a web application. It allows multiple users to create and design maps remotely in real time.

Map Together is built on top of Google Maps. In Google Maps, users can create customized maps with markers and lines. But the sharing function is limited. 

To make it easier for collaboration, Map Together allows two users to draw lines and markers on the same map, at the same time, just like what we see in a Google Doc. 

The idea is simple. Map Together stores map data in a cloud database, and transmits data between users through a cloud server in real time.

On the frontend, Google Maps API provides core map functions including Geocoding and basic user interface elements. And HTML5 and JavaScript will be used to implement a variety of editing functions.

On the back end, DigitalOcean will host a NodeJS server which is ideal for a real time multitasking application. MongoDB Atlas will provide a NoSQL database that stores map data.

Open map123together.com

Map Editor Mockup