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Genome maintenance depends on a number of functional modules that execute and coordinate the complex processes of DNA replication, DNA repair, cell cycle regulation and chromosome segregation.

We are interested in understanding how cells evolutionary adapt to perturbations in these cellular processes, how the mechanisms of adaptation are influenced by the environment, and what are the physiological and evolutionary consequences of the adaptive changes on organisms.

We take advantage of S.cerevisiae as a model eukaryotic organism and we investigate the molecular mechanisms that allow cells to adapt to perturbations in genome maintenance. We use a multidisciplinary approach that takes advantage of techniques and concepts spanning across biological scales: From molecular and cellular biology to genomics, evolutionary and population genetics.


  • Molecular mechanisms of adaptation

    Molecular mechanisms of adaptation

  • Muller plot

    Muller plot

  • Copy number variations

    Copy number variations

  • Evolutionary repair

    Evolutionary repair

  • Cell biology

    Cell biology

  • DNA replication profiles

    Genome-wide analysis of genomic DNA replication by deep sequencing

  • 2D gels

    Two-Dimensional gel electrophoresis of DNA replication intermediates