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STEPHEN A MARGLIN holds the Walter S Barker Chair in the Department of Economics at Harvard University. Marglin, a member of the Harvard class of 1959, has been on the fauclty of the economics department since 1965, receiving tenure in 1967.  During this century Marglin's research and teaching has developed two broad ideas.  One focus has been on  the foundational assumptions of economics and how these assumptions make community invisible to economists. This work, reflected in his book, The Dismal Science: How Thinking Like an Economist Undermines Community (Harvard University Press, 2008), attempts to counter the aid and comfort these assumptions give to those who would construct a world in the image of economics, a world ultimately without community.  In the wake of the Great Recession Marglin turned his attention to fleshing out Keynes's key insight in the General Theory, namely, that .unemployment is part of the DNA of capitalism, not the result of surface warts like wage rigidities and other frictions.  Raising Keynes: A Twenty-First-Century General Theory (Harvard University Press, 2021) builds on Keynes to formulate a macro theory attuned to the economy of this century. 

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