My name is Mariana Bockarova. I am currently interested in trauma, interpersonal relationships, and human behavior — essentially, how we are affected by other people (including corporations and brands, which our brains similarly interpret as people!).

I pursued my Bachelor's degree at the University of Toronto, followed by my Master's at Harvard University, where I was fortunate enough to learn from incredible faculty who facilitated my research in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am honored to have graduated with highest distinction, at the top of my class. During this time, I was chosen to sit on the Board of Internal Affairs of the Harvard Graduate Council and also had the opportunity to learn from incredible peers across all disciplines at the Harvard Graduate Consulting Club, where I served as co-Vice President, heading the MIT vs. Harvard Case Competition. I then returned to the University of Toronto to pursue my PhD researching the effects of experimental disclosure therapy (a narrative-based therapy focused on current emotions) on cognitive test anxiety as the topic of my dissertation. During this time, I was awarded the Senior Doctoral Fellowship of New College in Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health, and also spent two years as a researcher in a play laboratory, looking into the role of play in young children's learning and development, which was supported by a SSHRC government-funded grant of $2.8 million at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.

During my doctoral studies, I was honored to be accepted into the Junior Fellowship of Massey College and awarded the University of Toronto TATP Teaching Excellence Award through my students' nominations, while also working as a senior consultant at a boutique consultancy with Fortune 500 clients including Nestlé, General Mills, New Balance, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Janssen Inc., and Scotiabank.

Currently, I teach various courses in psychology at the University of Toronto and consult on a range of topics. I am often interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine, and have been featured in the Daily Mail, The Sun (UK), Prevention Magazine, Vice, and Medium, among others. If you are interested in some of my current thoughts or have a question for which you'd like my advice, please visit my blog on Psychology Today.


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Select Achievements:
University of Toronto TATP Teaching Excellence Award
Junior Fellowship of Massey College
Senior Doctoral Fellowship of New College - Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
University of Toronto Academic Excellence Award
TEDx Speaker
Student Representative for the Harvard Graduate Council (Board of Internal Affairs)
Co-VP, Harvard Graduate Consulting Club
Canada's Top 20 Under 20 - Finalist
Government of Ontario's June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award
Undergraduate Representative for the Governing Council of the University of Toronto
Editor-in-Chief of the Review of Undergraduate Studies in Science
President of Women in Science and Engineering


CV available upon request.