SCS 2533 Brand Talk: Shaping Product Identity Through Marketing (Instructor)





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Course Details

Why do some brand advertising techniques work and others fall flat? While the concept of branding products hasn't changed, the collective attitude of today's consumers - when responding to advertisements and marketing techniques - certainly has. The constant onslaught of new products has made it extremely difficult to introduce and keep consumers interested in a brand. This course will largely explore the question:  'how does one create and manage a brand today?' and provide techniques to develop meaningful relationships with clients as well as consumers, while influencing their attitudes and perceptions of a brand. Further, this course will operate within a psychological and social scientific theoretical framework, giving you applicable skills to apply in real time in the marketplace. 

Learner Outcomes

Learners will acquire:

  • in-depth insight of new marketing techniques
  • hands-on practice in creating a brand culture through case studies
  • conceptual knowledge on how to influence consumers
  • adaptive marketing skills to sustain brand loyalty