Lecture 6

Dear Class,

For next week, we will be looking specifically at the brand Kotex, particularly the product 'U by Kotex'. For your reference, here is the link to one of the advertisements we will be discussing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRf35wCmzWw

Remember to think semiotically about the various signifieds and signifiers; is there a conceptual metaphor at play? What is Kotex saying to it's customer on a deeper, more psychological level? Does this relate to the Dove campaign we looked at a few weeks ago and, if so, how?

We will also be reviewing material - specifically the Connotative Index - from Chapter 7 of the Course Text, and discussing branding strategy.

Best wishes,



SCS 2533 Brand Talk: Shaping Product Identity Through Marketing (Instructor)