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Aim: Future space missions will send humans to the Moon and Mars, where gravity is greatly reduced compared
to Earth. The recent development of a rat partial weight-bearing (PWB) model allowed for a better understanding
of the changes induced by reduced loading.
Method: We exposed animals to 28 days of PWB including: normal loading without apparatus (PWB100 N),
normal loading with full apparatus (PWB100 FH), 70%, 40%, and 20% of normal loading (PWB70, PWB40, and
PWB20, respectively). We assessed physiological parameters weekly (i.e.: tail blood pressure, hindlimb oxygen
saturation, plasma corticosterone) to measure the impact of the apparatus during normal loading, and to determine
if PWB resulted in a dose-dependent modification of stress and/or hindlimb blood pressure. In addition,
we sought to determine if forelimb muscle atrophy could be detected.
Results: The use of the full apparatus did not impact any parameters compared to the control group during
normal loading, except for a reduced weight gain. PWB did not lead to significant modifications of animals’
blood pressure, blood oxygenation, or stress markers. Indeed, after 28 days of PWB, plasmatic corticosterone
levels were of 39.8 ± 12.0, 47.0 ± 16.9, 69.5 ± 14.4 and 55.9 ± 17.7 ng/mL in animals exposed to
PWB100, PWB70, PWB40 and PWB20, respectively (p = 0.7577).
Conclusion: These results support our hypothesis that our rat PWB system using a pelvic harness is well tolerated
by the animals and does not initiate a chronic-stress state that could mask other physiological alterations.
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